Some Building in New York City

Some Building in New York City

At home in Manhattan

There is a daughter of mine who is more of a private person . . . she is sensitve, intuitive, bright, and extremely artistic particularly in dance and the visual arts. I respect her privacy and have kept her presence on my site more cryptic and subtle. Genevieve Elkin is a most amazing person . . . please enjoy a small sample of her art on gennaraTor.comPhotos of the Wedding by Genna
. . . you won't be disappointed. While all the kids in child care cried for mommy when they got an owie Genna cried for daddy . . . I do believe Genna was the best idea I ever had. Now she wears a short skirt and a long jacket. Please visit Genna's first website it's amazing . . . Captain Wayne-O sez: buy a CAKE CD . . .
Genevieve Elkin's How to Draw Site.

this is no reflection of you as a photographer
a reflection of the photographer

a film by Genevieve Elkin

I drank Maragritas here in the afternoon with two of the most beautiful young ladies I know

Little Italy a homey little village nestled in the one and only world class city . . . delecioso . . . ey wasa matta you. Wassa matta me what am I crazy this Panchitos in the East Village. We're celebrating Genna Elkin graduating from Parsons School of Design, my daughter the animator/illustrator in Madison Square Garden!

Genevieve and the Captain

It's a brand new New York I asked a passerby to snap a shot of us and she didn't take off with my camera
. . . Genevieve and I would take lots of walks when she was little . . . I hope we take another soon.

another film by the gennaraTor.

Genevieve at the Mill Valley Paint Off

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The high noon Suburbian Cowboy practicing the fine art of cab hailing. It's far easier than it looks. It seems it's much like golf it's mostly in the wrist.

This was a time I could at least have an inkling of what may be the most formative part of my baby daughter's adult life. I had never been to to New York city . . . I did dream of roaming the village with guitar in my hand bumping into Phil Ochs or Bob Dylan . . . ah but it was only a dream . . . I had to get boxes in a taxie to a Manhattan storage complex . . . . .

I rode a train out of New York city took a seat one second after the train started moving . . . I was with my eighty one year old dad . . . who was still deep in grief over the loss of mother . . . we helped my daughter Genna take care of a few things after moving out of her cramped dorm room at Parsons . . . my dad wanted to show me a little of our nation's capitol . . . this is a little veiw for moment out of our window. Could it be Jersy?

nothing to get hung about

I have to admit John was always my favorite Beatle. I loved the way he could play with words and evoke emotion. This is Stawberry Fields where nothing is real . . .

Long after Tom Russle drove cabs in NYC . . . Dr. Walter Bernard Langford with no thought of risk gave me a birthday present for my 53rd that opened me in other directions . . . three Tom Russle CDs . . . Tom who? . . .

Posted on Tue, Mar. 01, 2005

Singer-songwriter Tom Russell is in with the out crowd BY DAVID HINCKLEY New York Daily News

You can't accuse Tom Russell of trying to sell his new CD by hitching it up to some flavor-of-the-month artist.

The guests on Russell's "Hotwalker" include Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, Lenny Bruce, Harry Partch, Dave Van Ronk, Ramblin' Jack Elliott and Little Jack Horton.

Little Jack is the "hotwalker," a lifelong circus sideshow performer with loud opinions about politicians and everything else he figures is ruining America.

Little Jack is now deceased, as are most of the other guests. But their common thread isn't being dead. It's being outsiders.

"Outsiders are real important," says Russell. "This is a culture that takes the Beats and turns them into Maynard G. Krebs. So we need to remember people like these, what they said and how they used their voices."

Russell collected audio clips, wrote some songs and ended up with one of the year's most arresting records.

The seeds of the record date back to Russell's correspondence with the late Bukowski, an alcoholic and sporadically brilliant writer. But Russell has outsider credentials of his own.

He's a terrific writer whose songs often are a little too country for pop radio, and maybe for country radio, too. He found all that out when he lived in New York, driving a cab by day and writing and singing by night.

He's had nibbles, but mostly he ended up developing a personal catalogue of first-rate songs and records that are appreciated in the part of the music world that exists wholly apart from the "music business."

Like colleagues from Nanci Griffith to Joe Ely and Guy Clark, Russell says he came to accept that if he writes what he wants, the big break might never show up.

"I always felt sort of isolated," he says. "But at least now I can make a living. I'd like to get up to the level of Leonard Cohen or John Prine, but I'm doing OK."

The problem with the music biz, he says, "is fear of anything different. It's run by people who, when the chips are down, essentially dislike music.

Russell is working on a CD, "Love and Fear," about love found and lost. Universal as it sounds, bet heavily that he'll find new ways to look at it.

"It's not always romantic being an outsider," he muses. "Kerouac drank himself to death. But you can come to terms with it."
My favorite Tom Russell song!

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Genna's back to her hometown, Mill Valley . . . she can design a family Christmas card and eat lunch with her dad at Joe's Taco Lounge.
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Genna designed the logo for her hip hop dance troup CITY SHOCK when she was in High School!
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