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fused to picture with you
This composite picture puts GennaraTor and Captain Wayne-O together August 29, 2006

Wayne Elkin

ranchbozo art

. . . signs and times that con you into thinking you're the one that can do what's never been done . . . (Bob Dylan ~ Bring it all Back Home Page) . . . and yet with great patience and with great compassion we pray for understanding; why is God throwing curves at us now? Why must we dodge Zues's lightning bolt? Yet it is good to know there are awsome forces that can not be influenced by an effective advertising campaign or cash incentives.

Welcome to RanchoBonus Bozo Page! Click on! "we're all bozos" . . . I'm glad you found this site. SONGS the SONGS this site's about [SONGS!!!] This is a place to post an original song or two so tell that songwriter you know about RanchoBozo.com! The Suburbian Cowboy's round'n up songs to post on the Ranch! SEE JUST HOW FAR A SINGER/SONG WRITER CAN GO! log on to bobdylan.com . . .

just a poet

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Click on to hear the song and see the original story board for [SUBURBIAN COWBOY] (the first few lines) of an aborted (before there were videos) animation/song project but I think I was just waiting for Computer Magic or somebody that looks like her. . . . trim, fit, and shapely obviously on the [ELKINs DIET] * email ~ SuburbianCowboy@yahoo.com

With nary a whisper of FAN FARE RanchoBozo.com is displaying all the maturity of a one year old and to think there were some who thought it wouldn't last. Google spiders, glad you're back on patrol! We're still on the Web, Woah! Wayne-O! Wave a FLAG! an AGING HIPPY??? * * * READ ABOUT RANCHO BOZO ADVENTURES IN [ramblings]! The Real RANCHO BOZO & Captain Wayne-O in [VITALS] or your family dog's TRIBAL STOMP!!! How 'bout a RanchoBozo Philosophy?

The Rancho Bonus Bozo Page is well hidden in this website it's only accessible through two links that do not refer to this page by name. I am amazed you found it and since you did find it!
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The RanchoBonus page does not appear at this time to be indexed by the major search engines. If you found this page you've found something that is a little closer to home, a little less public. Most visitors never discover this page. I hope you enjoy the Bonus.

Otter do this otter do that! What a way to fill the side of a lack luster building with a smile provoking whimsy . . . the fun loving shell fish consuming otter . . .

I was watching "No Direction Home" and saw an interviewer make major deal about Bob's T shirt on "Hwy. 61" and for some reason it remindend me of . . . this picture?

I swear Bob if I make a dollar off of this I'll give you forty cents.

This is a favorite of mine I believed it was released as a B side of a single in England . . .

The original photo for the Captain Wayne-O page ~ photography by Walt Langford in front of the former location of Central Coast Music - Morro Bay, California

Not all names for all stores are created equal . . . this is in my humble opinion is stellar name for a fairly average thrift store . . .

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well in hand

This most embarassing moment in the short lived open mic career of Captain Wayne-O and to think he had even more difficult evenings than this . . . .

Do your best job coloring and win a cool prize!

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Same cool prizes same entry requirements and just as free!

Captain Wayne-O

Everyone wants to get a head in this world . . . some are already a head . . . like David here for instance . . .

on a day trip to Sonoma with my favorite Canadian Princess

Rancho Bozo, Montecito, California . . . the Canadian Princess 1976
Captain Wayne-O still taking aim
a young Canadian Princess

a faded memoryside2"

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