Brian Finck

Brian Finck

Bri with a soft topTwo and a half years ago Brian's grandpa invited my family and Brian's family to vacation together on Maui. At the time,I was making some text entries for in a little cyber cafe. I wondered if it would be all right with my sister to put a picture or two of her family on my website. My little sister was dead set against it. I, of course, respected her wishes and have very little reference and no photos of her children on my site. But . . . something absolutely amazing happened when I wasn't paying attention (as usual). My nephew Brian, turned eighteen!! Brian is the only male off-spring in the Elkin/Finck family. This was an an honor that previously belonged to me (and of course Bill Finck). Genetically, Brian is the closest person in the world I have to a son which you can definitely see through our develishly good looks! I've enjoyed watching him grow, and grow he has. He towers over his uncle at six foot two. Brian is interested in many things including science, politics, scuba diving, water polo, surfing, drumming, helping Grandpa Elkin do the heavy lifting, alternative and punk rock, girls, paint ball and video gaming just to mention a few.

Brian do you remember those mechanical Dinos and the simulated dig at the Academy of Science? I learned alot from you that day. Brian is fortunate to have parents that put their children's needs first. He has two sisters that he's had to protect and defend for nearly seventeen of his eighteen years. Brian is officially an adult. So . . . it seems that if he wants to have his own page on, I can make that happen. How about it sis? Brian, if you decide this is not for you, I will remove it immediately. Additionally, I can remove this little narrative and make this page available to you to do with as you choose. I hope you will want to leave your mark on

Brian is sixteen years old in this picture. I'm very proud of him!

Happy Birthday Brian! ! !

Love, Uncle Wayne

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