U Name It * Chuckwagon Express

U Name It * Chuckwagon Express

this is Flyin' Squirrel Music,
from the low plains of Kamchakta
wingnut tested, spunyin approved!


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Side A:  Gypsy Song

Side B:  New Water

words, music & arrangement by U Name It * Chuckwagon Express © 2003

Waldo & JasperThe U Name It * Chuckwagon Express has been playing at Smiley's in Bolinas. Our own Grantster of Cyberspace discovered the Chuckwagon on a recent visit to Bolinas... playing on the porch outside Smiley's, he thought, "that's a good sound, I hope they're warming up for open mic tonight!"

Joeof course they weren't *exactly* warming up... it's harder to get them to stop playing than anything else. they did play a few open mic's at Smiley's this summer of '04... and on the beach by moon and fire light throughout the night. in a more traditional establishment, Grant also mentions that he thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon performance at the Old West Saloon in lovely Pt. Reyes Stn.

Waldo & JasperThe jazzy funky grunge sound of Chuckwagon serves a hefty Rocky Mountain helping here on RanchoBozo.com! (astute observers will have noted a defrocked tamobile in the background)

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