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Side A. D-Train

Side B.Hot Damn

I tried to get enough nerve to play at the Sweetwater but alas . . . . had the good fortune to meet a singer/songwriter that reminded me of a young, tall, good-looking Bob Dylan if you can picture that . . . Mr. Jones: a ballad of a thin man a tall thin man that shreds.

Much thanks to Grant who met Nate at the Sweetwater and got this song the last Monday in Sept. '04.

Hear Nate Jones on!! Hear four great full length songs on Nate's Band's Web Site River of Rust

Words and Music by Nathan Ryan Jones © 2004

I talked to Nate at the Sweetwater February 2005 and a side B is on the way. Here's some Nate Jones facts: Nate lives in San Francisco (excellent) is from the mid-west and is a professional skate board rider . . . .

AUTHORIZED AUTOBIO ~ name: nathan ryan jones, home: troy, ohio, i started playing giutar in 2000. i now play with a band called loose charm (now known as river of rust), but still play and record my own acustic songs. i play open mic night at sweet water on mondays and i'm trying to book a show there with the band. i'm 28 and i have been living in san francisco for 6 years.

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