Ned Endless

Ned Endless and the All Nighters are back together again!!!

Marin, music, and that marvelous magic that Ned Endless brings to the musical table. Needless to say I was delighted that the Canadian Princess was given the same lovely and whimsical name Wendy as is the Microscopic Wendy in Ned's song! Bring it all home, Ned. There is an any strip mall feel but could it be from around Tam High to beautiful downtown Mill Valley's teen scene is what this song is all about? I met Ned at Sweetwater and discovered it was Fairfax and the diminutive women were in their early twenties. Why I believe that's Austin DeLone on organ . . .

Ned Endless
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Side A : Microscopic Wendy and Tiny Sue.

Side B: No Regrets

"What can I say? Music, music, music! It's what I love and share where ever I go. These songs are from my life experiences and my heart. Enjoy! and please let me know what you think." Ned Endless

Words and Music by Ned Endless © 2005
Microscopic Wendy and Tiny Sue/No Regrets

Endless mysace . . .

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