color this drawing and send it by e-mail

PRIZES?!?!? well of course * If this doesn't get you to dig out your Binny and Smiths nothin' will * for openers how 'bout your prize winning rendering being converted by webmaster Grant into the on site panic button? but that's not all winner(s) will receive a full uncensored autographed handmade copy of Suburbian Cowboy Songs vol.I. a RB Review back stage pass and a '' guitar pick (sorry only mediums) and last but not least an official press kit including Captain Wayne-O's buisness card. Wow throw in a Peter Brownlee fly swatter "Kill Flies not People"! That'll fit on a retired teacher's budget. Enter now before it's too late to win big! Go on pick up that crayon!

Color on the computer, or print (landscape)use your crayons, markers, glue, glitter and scan your entry back to me.

contact me if you don't have a scanner to arrange alternate submission. Marinites you're not the only ones who will find coloring the Suburbian Cowboy a relaxing opportunity to express your inner child.

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