Hot Licks and Cool Customers

Well Hixters I know that the customary approach is to send everything to Ken and Kathy and that's cool but I would really like to attract some Hixters to Hixters have been supportive participants and hopefully will continue to romp on the ranch. These pictures are not the greatest but they are of the greatest. Dan with his hair all gassed back . . . . the hippest in the known universe.

Mr. Dan Hicks and company played with precise virtuosity and more . . . the discriminating cool customers were getting their money's worth and more. . . . so where's the money? He wants to know . . . where's the dough?

The new 'Lickettes' are great contributors to the old dog on surf dog and his new tricks and licks . . . carefully selected shorts sure help you beat the heat . . . . yes folks that's right because of us or inspite of us Dan's on the top of his stride . . . .

Ramblin' Jack is the archetype for all Brooklyn Cowboys for all time . . . . it was a coup of true blue Americana to see and hear Jack and Dan singin' Hank . . . . a suburbian cowboy's dream come true.

Tribute to the Singing Cowboys

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Dance'n Dan and the Lickettes

Dan under the sky-light: a well lit bar, Sweetwater in the early afternoon

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This Blatant Plug is one day only
Dan is planning his masterpiece studio CD for the Summer of '08
The stage is set to kick off for the world famous 2008 world tour

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