Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Elkin Jr.

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Some mornings the Canadian Princess and the Suburbian Cowboy have a healthy breakfast at the Bayside and take walks on the house boat docks of Sausalito, California. You never know who you might meet or what you might see.

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and the women who are women . . . (respectable at last) The years together out number the years apart.
What we do as empty nesters. Christmas of 2005 at the Buckeye. Wendy is my world in truth I find myself over my head in love with her as years go by and some how she continues to tolerate me . . . we still make each other laugh and cry . . . still best friends after all these years . . .

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celebrating in San Francisco . . . fall 2007
at times we live it up on our daughters' birthdays

Working on the full circle of life . . .

Proud and Satisfied

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