Memorial Day MV Art Commission Mt. Tam Float


This is what we've been up to since I got back from NYC and Washington DC at Rancho Bozo del Norte:

Making Tabs

I was asked by the Canadian Princess to use my truck in the Mill Valley Memorial Day Parade.


is no sleeping lady . . .

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Elkin Jr.
My wife is a new art commissioner for the fair ville, Mill Valley. "How 'bout a Tamobile Wen?" I quipped; thus began an art project with wardrobe boxes, left over house paint, spray cans, carpenter's glue, an artist's vision, two bales of straw, and a 2002 Nissan Fronteer pickup truck.

Summer Art Events

Tamobile races- Mill Valley lumbers

Moving Mountains

Tam Isle


First Tuesday

[VIDEO ~4.4MB]

The Grantster of Cyberspace did an amazing job of guiding me through blind spots while I piloted the Tamobile through the streets of Mill Valley on Memorial Day, 5/04. He documented this voyage brilliantly as we followed the ever rock'n Charlie Deal's toilet seat band. It's hard to sit down when that band's playing with your toilet seat! Click on Charlie's site and hear the super cool Austin DeLone tune 'The Legend of Charlie Deal'.

Photography by Grant K. Rauscher © 2004


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