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Captain Wayne-O_makes top ten

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Manny Dominguez: a memorial

Painting Bolinas has been chosen as
a Silver Award Winner
at the 2010 California Film Awards!

Painting Bolinas: the song by George Mohler
Painting Bolinas: the film makers

guitar by Stu Art of Bolinas>

* 40th Anniversary Woodstock * Summer of LOVE

"post your song on the ranch''

Photos of the Wedding by Genna

Genna Elkin
Mill Valley the in town of Marin towns

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Did it happen In Town? Mill Valley the in town of MarIn Towns . . . from a Rancho Bozo del Norte perspective of course . . . this translates to Spanish or German how 'bout French ooh, la, la!  the possibilities appear endless!  {a Grantster tip: for a real trip, try translating more than once with Google Translate!} and yet another Cool California Community Connection Morro Bay pics and captions # 1" and # 2 featuring BIG ROCK BALALAIKAS a Russian Gypsy Dance Band! (link - listen - dance - drink vodka)and now Bolinas pics and captions! Cal Connect back in Santa Barbara or Willits or South Lake Tahoe . . . RanchoBozo.com Press Kit . . . Maui 2008 oh Sausalito 2009

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*Devon Shane's CD "Eruption", Wendy Lapides' CD"No Blues"and Ned Endless' empty "V" can be heard and purchased on CDbaby.com . . . so actually . . . Wendy and Ned are not exclusive artists on this site . . . now Nate's band River of Rust has some tunes on their site (wow this might be my first or second disclaimer?) and further more exclusivity is not really the Rancho Bozo way . . . bringing artists to the world wide web one at a time.

Captain Wayne-O charms his way through another one

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video by Grant Rauscher

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PLAY Canadian Princess

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"A Summertime Valentine " a short story by Stephen Keppeler. Capt. Wayne-O sez: "Read Summertime Valentine if you read no other short story this year". Appearing NOW!

Ethnomusicolgists extrordinare Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie are also internationally acclaimed Bayou Seco playing authentic folk music from the American Southwest.

Introducing Don Thompson a true Americana Treasure. I'm sure you'll enjoy his first offerings.

Meet Alan Erdman; novelist, essayist, humorist, and more.

"[Symbol Sam]"Destiny brought me to the author of this delightful allegorical children's story, my teacher in the cutting room of Goodman Hardware, Manny Dominguez.

David P. Spector Ge.D ~ Inventor, Scientist, Engineer, Electrical Department Manager, and Science Editor of RanchoBozo Science Circus

[RON GLOVER] is an artist and a fellow proud father of daughters who sculpts in beautiful Santa Barbara . . . I hope I am able to feature his art right here on RanchoBozo.com . . .

[Steve Gifford] was the second person in the whole wide world to market his own tie dye creations on the internet . . .

[BRIAN CHANDLER] is an artist in Santa Barbara who needs a sunny day and a magnifing glass - oh yeah welding glasses and a peice of drift wood . . .

'[PETER LEE]' BROWNLEE is a painter and a Bolinas legend. The Grantster and I staged a community reach out to Bolinas, California and who did we find shaking our hand but Peter Lee. Mr. Brownlee's paintings span four generations . . . . Peter's images help define an era. Peter Lee sez: Kill flies not people" RanchoBozo.com will be proud to exhibit the great Peter Lee to the world.

CECIL GASPAR ~ I wish they all could be Californian Oils capturing a glimps of reality the artist Cecil Gaspar paints . . . . . Captain Wayne-O sez: "I love the Gaspar oils displayed at Rancho Bozo del Norte"


Ridin' the StarCHECK THIS OUT!

'62 Comet - stockPRIZES * PRIZES * PRIZES * click and see!!! Do your best coloring the Suburbian Cowboy driving his highly customized '62 Mercury Comet and you could be a big winner!!! although it is highly customized if you look closely you can still tell it's a Comet . . . or maybe you'd prefer coloring him riding a pony. There are no autos or ponies being offered as prizes.


* post your song *. . . and of course a few blocks up is a must stop for the homeless and avid readers the Santa Barbara Public Library . . . did this trip the google alert Chris? * post your song * post your song * post your song *


digital photography as art . . . soon the only petro pumps left will look like this . . .

Photography by Wayne Elkin - you see Ron Erickson I do listen to you

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