Suburbian Cowboy

The first suburbian cowboys may have been a little like these cow pokes . . . .

Captain Wayne-O aka the Suburbian Cowboy

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July 1976

VOTE it might count this TIME . . . there is a real difference!

The bicentenial was a big event red white and blue every where from beer cans to fire hydrants. The Suburbian Cowboy's all decked out for the great 200th Birthday party for the good old USA. Let's see now, our fair country is of course about to turn two hundred thirty years old. the Suburbian Cowboy sez "don't forget to vote in the next election or if you don't succeed once . . . yeah vote . . ."

Here I am in April '04 close to the very begining of note the wild color hair is all natural.

This is photo is taken from hill behind Rancho Bozo del Norte. This wooded rural setting of Mill Valley is just fifteen minutes from the world famous Golden Gate Bridge! TOO COOL . . . I all most miss that sweet commute.

OneI borrowed this image from Wolfgang's Valt thing I missed for sure was this concert. If you've spent some time with this site you've likely figured out who my musical heros are well look who was playing . . . .

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