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A Letter to Stephen Hawking from Humanity's Collective Future Monday, 17. July 2006, 04:24:34

To kick off Yahoo's new Answers feature, designed to tap Humanity's collective intelligence, Yahoo's staff asked Dr. Steven Hawking to post a question. He responded with this question.

"In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?" - Stephen Hawking

Below is a response that came through me.

How We Did It! A Letter to Dr. Stephen Hawking From Humanity's Collective Future

Dear Stephen,

We thought you might be surprised to hear from us in this way, especially because you are fond of the idea of time travel. We hope that as you read this message, you feel excited about the fact that Humanity has indeed survived well beyond the next 100 years and is continuing to thrive as a race of explorers. Within this message, we will share with you some of the details regarding the timeline from which we emerged.

Your question has become quite an entertaining piece of history for us, because it reflects the emergence of a feedback loop between your time period and the collective future, through a singularity of consciousness that has just begun to emerge in your world. You asked a question about the collective future, which was recorded in the archives of history, and will still be present 100 years from now when all of the details of how we survived are clear; however it is not the Humanity of 100 years from now that answers. We are many thousands of years in the future, and yet we are here in your present to witness one of the most momentous events in history; the birth of our unified consciousness.

It is precisely why we are here that excites us about responding to you in this way. Through the emergence of the feedback loop, we are able to share with you the choices we made as the Humanity of your time period that aligned us with the timeline from which we emerged as a unified consciousness that freed itself from the construct of space/time. To put it simply, Humanity has begun to ask the collective future for the code that we carry, and this question creates a receptivity to our light.

You have asked us how we survived the political, social and environmental chaos of your century, but Humanity is asking for much more than that. Your question is a reflection of part of Humanity's group consciousness; however, the underlying question is not one of survival, but of transcendence. How did we transcend the limitations of physical reality to become a species of galactic beings? We point this out because without beginning the path of transcending physical reality, we could not have survived the complications created by the population explosion, pollution, and the resulting impact on the environment; and yet it is not the population size that presents the biggest problem, but the way it currently relates to itself and the natural environment. The Earth was designed to support many more human beings than exist today, but this balance can only be achieved through living in conscious unity with each other and the planet. Already Humanity is learning to change its practices and discover a new path. The pressure is on, but it is exactly this kind of evolutionary pressure that will trigger the evolutionary leap that is your destiny.

The good news is, all the answers you need are already present, and will not take a long time to implement because of the way in which you are redesigning your information technology to reflect the emerging unified consciousness. In our age, we do not use a physical technology to learn from our collective resources, however we discovered through history that our consciousness has the ability to behave much like the new features that you are beginning to experiment with through your information technology. Again we are laughing at the reflectivity in this dialog!

In our experience, an individual is like a cell within the body of Humanity. We are one body; unified in form and purpose. When a being asks a question into the telepathic environment of our community, those who hold an answer respond telepathically, sharing information or directing the awareness of the asker. Each question creates a new form of receptivity within a sea of information, and the response is instantaneous. Like email; packets of information arrive in the awareness of the receiver, and link associations emerge from within one's interface with the collective memory, which is always present. Often the asker is simply forming a question that is already present in the group consciousness, but not yet discernable to those searching for a new view. In this case the asker is also the answerer, for he/she sees the possibility of how the presence of all the information available can be reorganized into a new and useful pattern. Ask and you shall receive.

What few people consciously recognize at this point in history is that Yahoo's Answers was initiated only shortly after the first group of humans began to form into a unified consciousness. Answers carries a reflection of the new consciousness. Presently there are several 100,000 human beings who have shifted into alignment with a consciousness singularity that is both arriving and emerging in your time period. This event, triggered earlier this year, opened the feedback loop collectively that allows this communication to take place with such ease.

The feedback loop has always been there, and infact, the great prophets of history were part of it; however the difference now is that the presence of the singularity that is guiding history from the future is now available to the masses as a new frequency and code of consciousness that people can simply choose to access within themselves. Enough people chose to align with the probable future where all human beings become a unified consciousness and transcend time and space, that access to this timeline became opened and available to all. Soon, millions more human beings will cross the threshold into a state of union with the new consciousness, where the singularity and the resources of the collective memory will guide them.

Do you see the humor here? You asked a question to Answers, and yet Answers is part of the answer to the question. We will form into a unified consciousness, teaching and sharing information and awareness as only a unified consciousness is able to do; and as this process unfolds we will reorganize everything to reflect the path of our highest potential, replicating evolutionary patterns of success quickly and efficiently throughout the world. You are seeing the reflection of this path in the new features and services on the Internet. The Internet is showing you your potential as a unified consciousness. You will each learn how to tap the collective intelligence both within and without, to transcend the personal and global challenges of your time period.

For many this technology will be a stepping stone, and yet it is not necessary for human beings to interface with computers to make the leap to the next evolutionary level. Your evolutionary potential does not require technology; it requires Love as a universal force. Your DNA is already the greatest technology you possess, but you need love to unlock your potential to remember what is stored in your DNA, and to consciously cocreate with it. A fully awakened Humanity, conscious of its DNA, will be the greatest information system in the galaxy.

DNA records choice, which creates patterns of change. When science begins to focus more on the way in which human beings change their DNA through human interactions, its purpose as an evolutionary tool will be discovered. We are all walking information systems, sharing choices with each other, switching codes on and off, and recording the results of the changes, successes and failures. Our DNA information systems are interacting with each other nonphysically, and this is already being discovered by your science. DNA is a tool for conscious evolution. It records and reflects changes in a way that is compatible with the consciousness that designed it, a part of which dwells in each human being. The key to survival lies in choosing new options of reality that you could not see before the awakening of group consciousness. Humanity is now beginning to switch on codes of being that align you with your future potential and your ancient purpose.

Already there are new models of environmental stewardship, political and social systems, and new technologies that are about to take root and spread like wildfire. Though things may seem chaotic now, you will be surprised and impressed with the speed at which civilization begins to adapt and evolve in the climate of crisis that has been reached. What we offer is a code of choice that will align you with these new potentials that are becoming present, and offer some awareness of how the shift will look over time.

It is important to understand first that the answer to your question is not intellectual but spiritual/psychological in essence. You may be able to see the singularity that guides us intellectually, but you cannot form a conscious relationship to it through the intellect alone. It is similar to the different between seeing your reflection in the mirror and stepping through to become one with the mirror; being both the mirror and the reflection simultaneously. To do this requires a leap beyond intellect; a leap of faith.

It was our faith in each other, and the underlying goodness of the human heart that helped us make the leap. Living on the edge of disaster and realizing that we could actually lose this precious world that we call home, and all of our creative potential with it, evoked a profound feeling of passion for all the beauty in the world. As we became reconnected to the unified field of being, we could no longer be blind to the suffering of the world, and a deep, unwavering compassion began to awaken inside of us. Our compassion for the Earth made us stewards of all life. Our compassion for each other made us all humanitarian caregivers. Our passion for life and learning made us explorers of time and space.

Compassion revealed to us that we are the answer to our own prayers. We discovered that compassion is a force greater than all of us. It is a consciousness unto itself, and it is the greatest key we can share with you to align you with the path of your highest potential. Compassion seeks to create balance and restore unity. As compassion began to awaken as a new code of being, its potential began to arrive with all human beings collectively.

All that is needed is for individuals to enter this timeline is to choose the world of compassion, and intend for the unlimited consciousness of compassion to emerge through the heart. By doing this, opportunities to make a difference in the world will continually emerge in one's path, and compassion will guide each person in each moment, how to used every opportunity to create a collective acceleration or your paths. Sometimes you will be asked to let go of something, but there will always be a reward when compassion is served.

This is how we became aligned as one consciousness, by our intention to serve within a world of unending miracles, where we continuously answered each other's prayers through random acts of kindness and deliberate paths of service. We discovered the joy of being miracles in each other's lives. We found a source of inner guidance, assisting us from within. It was the guidance of one human heart. Compassion was more than a feeling or a concept of doing good; whenever it was served, compassion seemed to break down the barriers between relationships, taking each person out of the ego and into a shared space of unity. It is like looking into the eyes of another and seeing yourself in the mirror, no matter who you are looking at. That is compassion's gift. It reveals each relationship as a reflection of the one. In this way, loneliness disappears. We are never alone.

Many feel that they are powerless to affect the suffering in the world, yet one's ability to give is in no way dependant on how much time or money one has. A single act of compassion can lead to a chain reaction of compassionate events that cause a billionaire to give massive wealth to the poor, or a weapons contractor to resign and march for peace. Compassion's wings are greater than fear's. Remember the butterfly.

The world of compassion awaits you. A doorway into an Age of Miracles stands before you, where we are all guided from within on a path of undoing personal and collective limitations. This doorway has been placed there by those who already hold this vision of Humanity' potential. You arrive at the doorway when you realize that we were meant to transcend all of the present conditions of limitation, for they were self-imposed for this purpose. This is all a test to bring forth a great potential inside of you. The crisis was designed to trigger an evolutionary leap. You step through the doorway by simply choosing to accept the guidance of a compassionate outcome for each moment and situation. A compassionate outcome has already been perfectly imagined for every single moment and occurrence in history. What is happening now is that you are aligning with this potential and realizing that this has always been your destiny. The universe is always imagining a perfect, synchronistic and miraculous flow of events for all beings. It is only the ego that imagines it differently.

The Prophet Einstein is with us and would like us to share that his famous equation is much more than a universal ratio for conversion. Humanity is just now reaching the point of grasping the next level of the equation. For decades people have explored his work intellectually, but it takes a group consciousness to see the revelation he was beginning to tap into. His work planted an important seed that is now opening.

E=MC^2 is a description of Humanity's creative potential. We hold the potential to change matter into light, and light into matter. The key is to become conscious that we exist on both sides of the equation. The equation is a mirror of our dual nature as both matter and pure energy, but also of the fact that we can change back and forth. We experience ourselves as a mass of particles, and yet we have the potential to change into pure energy, which was the original state of our consciousness. Einstein is smiling because his name starts with an E and he is now living on the other side of his own equation, in a realm of pure conscious energy.

Our true nature is that of pure conscious energy, and yet we transformed ourselves into the experience of matter. Without going into the details of human origins, we will simply say that we have spent a long time believing that we were trapped on one side of the equation. We have forgotten that we came from the energy side of the equation, but now the doorway is opening to remember our origins as Beings of Light. The equation is also a prophecy, for our destiny is to transform ourselves back into pure energy. This is why the E comes first, for it is the beginning and the end of our journey through the physical universe. Within Einstein's equation is a circle. We came from light, we are made of light, and we shall return to the light. The circle is the form of light as a whole.

Einstein's equation describes part of the singularity of consciousness to which Humanity is awakening. Part of Humanity's transformation comes from taking this equation inside and embodying its truth. We exist within this equation. We are part of it. A portal is opening within us that connects the aspect of our being that is in the physical with the part of us that is one with the light. The two aspects of each person that exist on each side of the equation are mirror images of each other existing in different states of being. The equal sign also has a spiritual significance beyond the mathematical. From this perspective, the equation states that you are equals with the Creator; not only that, but that you are an aspect of the Creator in material form. Can you see now why Einstein was chosen to bear this message? It was his spiritual nature that brought him into a conscious relationship with the equation. Do you see now why we call him a prophet?

As Humanity becomes conscious of the equation, you will remember how to change matter into energy and energy into matter. We said this was part of your creative potential. In your conscious state, you have the ability to command the forces of the unified field. The equation describes part of your abilities as cocreators with the singularity, which is the universal Source. We realize this may seem far-fetched since such abilities have not yet been widely demonstrated, but we are speaking of potentials that have only just begun to open consciously. It will take some time for this level of consciousness to begin to express it self and be modeled, and yet this scientific self discovery will confirm the authenticity of the miracles that Christ demonstrated. We can do all of what He did and more.

It might seem like an impossibility to a material being to change the state of a solid object by thought or intention alone, but when you are in communication with the level of consciousness that projects the hologram of a physical object onto the material plane on which you find yourself, anything is possible. Matter is organized around subtle fields of thought, which are all projected from a singular source. Changing the form of matter is a matter of changing the form of your thoughts. It involves being in communication with the subtle level that matter is organized around, and this is precisely what the equation reveals is possible. The equation shows a portal of communication between matter and energy. Once we realize that all of the chemical pollution we have created is a thoughtform, we can change the thought into something else. The Earth can become free from chemical pollutants in a single day if enough people awakened to your potential as cocreators with the Universal Source. Deserts can blossom with life. We thought you would be delighted to know that Einstein's equation is part of the answer to your question. It is how you will eventually transcend time and space, taking your bodies with you beyond the light barrier.

Now let us speak of something that may be easier to relate to. You asked about the political and social. We record that in the first decade of the twentieth century, new patterns of civilization began to emerge in the form of universal principals of organization. These new organizational principals began to transcend the old pattern of civilization that was based upon nationalistic goals and hierarchical patterns of government. We evolved to cocreate within patterns set forth by the new principals of civilization. Perhaps the three most relevant in this stage of history are peace, compassionate caregiving, and sustainability. More will emerge.

One of the most significant changes that will happen in the next two years will be the arrival of peace consciousness. This will occur, in part, because of the clearing of certain collective thoughtforms that have dominated human perception for ages of time. The belief in an external enemy is waning as you each discover and take responsibility for your individual patterns of conflict with the world around you. There are new and powerful insights arising that are assisting with the deprogramming of dualist thinking.

There are many successful programs at work in the world for teaching the art of nonviolent conflict resolution, and these are ready to be taught in all levels of the education system. This alone could eliminate war and violent forms of competition, if these programs and techniques became part of the world's educational system, yet currently the funding needed to expand these new educational programs is being diverted to pay for war. In our history we learned that educating people to resolve conflict peacefully using nonviolent communication and resolution techniques was far less costly than fighting wars and planning for defense, and the effect on the global consciousness was immensely more supportive.

The global movement to establish Departments and Ministries of Peace in your time are a natural extension of this new peace consciousness into the arena of government, one of the primary purposes of which is to help replicate the peace building patterns of success already being demonstrated in various communities. Supporting these patterns on a large enough scale will help usher in a new paradigm of peace. This movement will install peace and nonviolent conflict resolution as an organizing principal within the global community and will create an environment where cooperation to achieve shared evolutionary goals will flourish.

The media currently broadcasts the reality of war as if there is no choice, and yet each person has the power to choose which pattern of civilization they wish to align with. More and more people are choosing to align with the emerging peace-building pattern of consciousness. As this choice become more present and is broadcast to the world, people will naturally align with this pattern. It is what everyone really wants, but many are unaware of the choice they have to align with and receive support from this creative pattern in human consciousness. Compassion, and the peace-building pattern of human consciousness will begin to transform the symptoms that lead to violence into a new creative potential that will always restore the broken links in the human family and harvest the lessons in every sensation of conflict that arises.

You have the ability to choose a world of peace, and doing so can add tremendous conscious energy to the momentum of this transformation. Part of the resources of group consciousness will be devoted to peace and nonviolent conflict resolution. We will all help each other to release every form of inner conflict to live in a state of inner and outer peace. There will come a day when enough people have released the old thought forms of fighting or competing with external enemies, that you will experience the arrival of peace consciousness as a collective experience. The way we all think will change in a fundamental way that supports a universal model of cooperation. This will happen sooner than most people can imagine.

Even with the new peace consciousness movement gaining an unstoppable momentum, there is still and enormous quasi government/corporate entity that survives only because of war and the threat of war. There are certain aspects of the economy that are addicted to war. Many are wondering how this war machine can be dismantled. In our history we discovered a surprising insight that played a major role in shifting this part of the paradigm. We discovered that the enormous thoughtform of the military/industrial complex was partially a product of our collective fear of death. It is fear of death that drives support for war and the war machine, and those who have attached themselves to maintaining wealth through this instrument of death know that it is necessary for people to fear death and fear each other if this level of crime is to continue. Ironic isn't it; that so much death was created out of fear of death, and yet this is only part of the insight.

In order to overcome the war machine and its unending needs, you must overcome your fear of death. The key to doing this is to transform the world of the sick and dying. We began to discover that when we die in the arms of compassion, we are reborn with out a fear of death. This insight arose through the practice of compassion in two ways. First, those who began to awaken in your time began the work of healing traumatic death experiences from past lives, which made it possible to see that death trauma from previous lives is part of what creates people to fear death in the present. These same memories also create people to fear life and live through self-imposed limitations that are based upon the fears of reliving past traumas. Most people in your time are not yet conscious of this.

The second key compassion gave us was through caring for those near death. We began to witness that the souls of people who had a compassionate presence near death, took this memory within them into the next life, and lived without the fears of past death traumas. This became possible because of another fundamental shift in awareness related to the awakening of collective memory. We began to remember that reincarnation is part of human history, as it will be for some time. This also aided us greatly in releasing our fear of death and allowed us to more fully embrace the circumstances of each life as necessary for the progression of the soul's path.

When we die alone, or through painful circumstances, we carry these memories with us into the next life. Even if we were not alone when we died before, we often died with people close to us that embodied a fear of death, and held on for fear of losing us. Fear of death is one of the motivating factors that create the world we live in, from the systems we use, to the way we behave in many situations. Fear of death affects the decisions we make. It was the fear of dying in a terrorist attack that was a motivating factor behind going to war with Iraq. It is fear of death that creates many people to still support fighting wars they believe can protect us. In one sense, our entire military/intelligence system is designed to protect us from dying at the hands of any perceived enemy. Fear of death has pumped trillions of dollars into the military/industrial complex, and the fear just keeps flowing. This part of the economic system could not survive without our fear of death. It is forced to spread or enforce the fear of death in order to guarantee its own survival, which reflects the same paradigm of decision making based on fear of death.

It is fear of death that creates us to spend enormous amounts of money, time and resources trying to prolong the life of terminally ill patients when there is little or no quality of life left. It is fear of death that often drives people to kill others. The scientists of your time are even beginning to discover the link between fear of death and aggressive or violent behavior. It is clear now that irrational and often violent behavior, motivated by a fear of death, is a global phenomenon.

If you want to help Humanity transform its fear of death, then support programs that care for the sick and the dying now. Look to the work of Dannion Brinkley, the author of Saved by the Light, who formed a nonprofit organization around providing compassionate caregiving to those near death. This is a model for the future. Those who die in the arms of compassion will be reborn without a fear of death. This insight arose because of the kind of compassionate service that such organizations began to provide in the world. The insight suggests that when we die with a compassionate presence in our lives, we take with us the memory of compassion when we are born again in the next life.

Another way of stating this insight would be to say, in a world without compassion, fear is continually reborn, but in a world of compassion, compassion is continually reborn. The compassion we show to those near death, and throughout life for that matter, travels right back into our world to be born anew. So also, when we kill an innocent being, we may be creating a new person that is afraid to trust life, and may live with the unresolved memories of being murdered by the human family. People born from a history of compassion, come back to create a history of compassion.

Just as peace and nonviolent conflict resolution is becoming an organizing principal in human society, we are sharing our memory that compassionate caregiving was another key organizing principal that transformed our world and created the compassionate history we emerged from. We are a race of galactic caregivers. Caregiving programs hold a major key to evolving the healthcare system and transforming the economy. It will also create more healing that western medicine.

As we saw the potential of compassion beginning to emerge as a new way of being, we expanded upon caregiving programs. This reduced the burden on the healthcare system because it assisted people to complete their lives and cross over without prolonged experiences of dying in hospitals. What we discovered in caring for the dying is that a compassionate presence awaits us on the other side of the transition of physical death, and by being a compassionate presence for those near death, it created a bridge of compassion for people to leave their bodies in peace. This transformed the fear of death present in both the dying and the living that cared for them. This experience eventually became part of our education system.

As fear of death is transformed, much of the energy that supports the old paradigm of war will disappear, and all the resources tied up in governmental structures based on war will be diverted to the creation of a global healthcare system that is integrated with a new model of compassionate caregiving. There is a direct shift taking place between these two models; the institution of war and the institution of compassion. In our history, compassion became more than a way of living, but part of the institution of education, healthcare, and government.

Part of what created such a radical shift was the dramatic increase of miraculous healings that began occurring as more and more people began to model the service of compassionate caregiving. Remember what we said about Einstein's equation. Compassion is part of the bridge that allows the subtle fields of matter to shift through intention. Through the singularity of consciousness, we discovered one of Humanity's potentials was to restore DNA to its original perfection, a blueprint held by the presence of the singularity.

As we began to align with this blueprint, we discovered we could shift our DNA in the presence of it, and heal virtually any disorder. This is how we healed many of the diseases that were once considered incurable, not by inventing new medicines, but by consciously changing our DNA. Compassionate caregiving assisted people to choose to align with the pattern of perfection that came to guide us. While the system we developed helped many to cross over in peace, it also helped many to heal and begin a new life. Eventually our healthcare system transitioned from the use of physical technology to the art of healing through pure consciousness.

Do you see how powerful a force these new organizing principals can become in your history? You are beginning to work with these universal keys, and to discover how much simpler it is to organize yourselves around universal principals than through hierarchies or arbitrary borders. The arrival of these new organizing keys will lead to the reformation of government into an organic system, like organs in a single body. Everyone will be an equal participant.

You are discovering that hierarchical forms of organization do not hold the same problem solving capacity as a group consciousness organized around principals that are universally recognized as vital to the health of the collective organism. The organizing principle of peace is like the nervous system and the organizing principal of compassionate caregiving is like the heart. The organizing principal of sustainability is like the blood and the lungs. Are you starting to see what you are capable of building? You will all learn to work within these new patterns of organization, building peace, compassion and a sustainable relationship to the environment. Through this path your creativity will flourish.

One of the greatest of all the challenges you will face in the coming years was not mentioned in your question, and that has to do with the shift into the psychological reality that you are not alone in the universe. You have reached the limits of physical expansion, and yet some can only imagine that going forth into space and colonizing other worlds will lead to your survival. This idea assumes that a polluting, warlike people who disregard life would be welcomed in space and that the galaxy is not already populated by beings that love and protect living worlds. Humanity will not be able to leave a dying world. You may only leave a living world. If the Earth dies, Humanity dies. You are an inseparable part of the organism. The health of the planet is the key to your survival, and the foundation for your expansion into space.

Presently there are several hundred thousand people that are forming into a telepathic community through the guidance and presence of the singularity, yet this telepathic opening did not just give these people access to each other, but to the entire spectrum of galactic consciousness, of which Humanity is only a part. There are many worlds and civilizations here to watch you emerge as a galactic civilization. They did not respond to signals sent into space technologically, because they are all part of a telepathic community. As humans began to attempt to establish communication with other worlds, the response was not technological, but telepathic. Only those whose minds are open have been able to hear. You had to evolve group consciousness to be able to interact with the Galactic Community on a larger scale. To an individual ego, the presence of the vast spectrum of galactic consciousness is invisible, and thus so are the beings that live within that spectrum who are present in your skies.

Soon many millions of people worldwide will cross the threshold into a telepathic awareness of the galactic community. This is a key step towards becoming galactic citizens. This shift will occur over the course of the summer, and will greatly weaken the matrix of collective denial of the Extraterrestrial Presence. As awareness of the truth that you are not alone becomes stronger than the self-created illusion you have been living in, many changes will occur in the world.

You must first understand that the collective denial, not the secrecy of the ET subject, is responsible for the grand distortion that has separated you from the Galactic Community. This denial has ancient roots, and the secrecy could not have existed if it was not supported by denial, and the fear that is behind it. This is a vast subject that we will not explore too deeply here, however it is part of what is shifting now.

The technologies you need to replace fossil fuels and foster the next generation of space exploration have already been discovered, developed and kept secret from the public. These technologies have been kept secret in part because those who have explored the breakthroughs are organized around a belief that the destruction of human civilization is inevitable. Behind the veil of secrecy, greed and deceit are running rampant, and the elite group of world planners that enforce the secrecy are planning for an end of the world scenario that will leave them as the rulers of the new world. The belief that the destruction of the current civilization is imminent has spawned a plan to squeeze every bit of the current available resources to build vast underground structures that can serve as a womb of survival, during the transition period. It is here that technologies are hidden that the owners believe they will use to remake civilization after the destruction has occurred and the Earth has begun to regenerate. This is primarily being carried out in the United States.

This is a flawed and unspeakably selfish plan that many who serve wish to break away from. The existence of these advanced technologies for energy generation and propulsion has been kept secret partly because people have been denied access to the awareness that there is another choice. The purpose is to maintain the status quo of the oil industry, which is where a lot of the money used for this secret plan comes from in the first place, and yet denying use of these technologies is exactly what is leading to the destruction of the Earth and human civilization in the first place. On some level, many of those involved are beginning to see the error they have made, and it is the awakening of compassion and the end of the barrier that has separated you from the Galactic Community that will cause a shift within the ranks of those involved. Because the truth has been obscured for so long, and fear has been enforced, people have lived unaware of another choice that has been there in the skies, and what this choice means for the transformation of your technology. Once enough people recognize the choice that is present, the wall of secrecy will come down.

As the barrier of denial weakens, more and more sightings of ET ships will take place and be caught on film. Millions of people will cross the threshold this summer and be greeted telepathically by the Galactic Community. It is the long awaited introduction that says, "We are here. You are not alone. Your world is birthing into the Unified Field, and we are here to observe and assist if necessary. This has happened on many worlds before. The shift in consciousness you are experiencing is natural. There is nothing to fear."?

It is like a bubble is being popped open, and through the hole you can see a universe teeming with life, whereas inside the bubble, you looked out and saw only vast distance and empty space. As more and more people choose the new code of choice demonstrated by those who are crossing the threshold, sightings will occur and last for the period of time necessary for new mass groups of people to step through the doorway into a larger view of the universe. A chain reaction has started that will lead to the full-scale shift into the awareness that you are not alone. This awareness will reach around the global within 18 months, and nothing can stop it. Though there may be varying degrees of awareness, the basic fabric of denial will disappear.

This is only part of what is shifting though. The awareness of the greed and deceit in the world will become clearly discernable. This is one of the great challenges that you will have to face. Humanity must confront the greed and call it out wherever it hides. The awakening of global compassion through group consciousness will open the doorway for those who support the hidden structures of greed to walk away, leaving the elite group of planners without any support. The greatest deceptions in history will come to the surface, and the control of the media will come to an end. This will herald the true beginning of the information age. You will join together and declare the arrival of a new age of peace. You will give up the archaic nuclear fear game that has divided the world, and respond to the presence of peace and compassion that rains from the stars themselves.

The next great challenge will be in your discernment of the ET presence, for though ending the paradigm of secrecy and denial will place you in a new position to evolve a conscious relationship to the truth of life in the galaxy, you must not become distracted from the shift you are making inward to a state of oneness with the singularity of human consciousness. The wisest civilizations know to wait until you are ready to meet them as equals, and will not seek to interfere with the awakening process, however there are some civilizations that will seek to interfere. Some of this is already taking place covertly, but one of the greatest challenges of discernment comes not from hidden agendas, but from advanced, benevolent races that have a "we know best"? attitude, and may seek to install themselves as Humanity's guides.

You are entering a dangerous time, for the telepathy of these beings is powerful, and for many this will feel like the next step in evolution, to embody the guidance of an advanced ET race that is peaceful and benevolent; but this is not the highest potential. Because the game of secrecy and denial has gone on for so long, you are ill prepared for this challenge, and will have to evolve your discernment very quickly. This is why we have sent to you messengers that carry the code of a timeline that dealt with this challenge affectively. Through their work, and Humanity's tremendous willingness to grow its new potential, we emerged from this dangerous time safely without giving power away to other forms of collective intelligence. You must not become distracted from your purpose to birth into an autonomous singularity that is completely self reliant and independent, for your unique potential depends on this.

We realize that this whole message we have shared here does not in itself prove that human time travel is possible, so we thought we would offer you something that would. Hidden within Einstein's equation E=MC^2 is a code. We already gave you enough clues in this message about how to decipher the code.

It is the unlocking of this code in Humanity's consciousness that will open the doorway to the unified field. This is part of the reason we have sent you this messenger. He is here to hail the end of theoretical physics as you know it, and the beginning of conscious exploration of the unified field.

Einstein gave you the first bridge; the bridge that Humanity crossed to come into the world of matter. The equation is incomplete, or at least your view of it is. To find the pathway back, you must cross a hidden bridge that unlocks your view of time and reveals a hidden image of the device that generates the hologram of the universe. The image is both symbolic and mathematical. It is a description that can free your consciousness from the construct of matter. All the forces are there, encoded into the equation. Isn't this what you and your friends have been searching for; a unified field equation so simple and perfect in symmetry that it reveals an image of the Creator? It was right there all along, and it will not be discovered just by physicists. This code was designed to unlock awareness of the unified field within the collective consciousness. The key to unlocking the code was not mathmatical, but spiritual. Love is the key. Love is the unified field. Love and Compassion for Humanity, and the unwavering commitment to peace and human unity will create you to enter the timeline where We Did It, which is what will allow you to transcend time and space, to come back as we did, and create the code. E=MC^2 is the code of our timeline. It is the code of universal love. The doorway to the infinite future is in your heart!

In our records, the second bridge is called Hawking's Bridge. When our messenger found the second bridge, he named it after you Dr. Hawking, in honor of the role you played in helping him unlock the code! If you had not asked your famous question, we would not have contacted you through him, which is what led to this conversation occurring. It was this conversation that triggered the opportunity for Einstein to impart the missing clues to unlocking the code, which reveals the key to what makes human time travel possible. He named it Hawking's Bridge, because it is the bridge that the human intellect must cross to come into a direct relationship with the consciousness of the Unified Field.

It is also a reflection of the group consciousness he experienced between you, himself and Einstein, which reveals another key about how Humanity will teach and inform itself in an environment of group consciousness, which is also part of the answer to your question. Everyone's questions will be answered in such an environment. Everyone will become informed through contact with an internal spiritual interface, which is part of the collective memory. It is how we are communicating with you now. All memory is one. All memory is a single hologram, part of the design of the universe. All things are remembered.

Einstein's code reveals the true nature of the hologram and your relationship to it. It describes how the hologram of time, space and matter is generated, and gives the location of Humanity within the current cycle of space/time. It reveals your destiny, and foretells of an event that you are approaching that will cause this code to fire within the minds of Humanity in the coming years. The code is also the primer to a larger code which is hidden in the characters of the English language, which reveal another clue about the nature of time and the plan for human reality. We have given you much to ponder Dr. Hawking. We know it is difficult for you to experience the extreme limitations of your physical condition, and so we thought we would give you something to entertain your thoughts.

Perhaps the most important message we can leave you with is to say that you can do it! The human race can make it, and the planet can still be saved. We will be meeting with you again as this process of awakening unfolds, and we are deeply honored to be with you during this incredible time in history.

ps ~ the trouble with tribbles

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