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The fearless boy chief; Little Rain-O feeds a fearless starving buck a healthy snack of wonder bread . . . pictures like this . . . beg the question "What were his parents thinking?" . . . so first he was a Suburbian Indian?

1953 Easter Morning ~ Roswell, New Mexico

There is Little Wayne-O happy to find what the Easter Alien had hidden around his mom and dads assigned quarters. Aliens - Roswell - Easter Visitations - hmmmm . . . that explains it!

Excuse me . . . What's your sign?

I found this lovely little cheese shop in Maui (not a chain) that's wafting across the Pacific with a mouth watering name that dares to ask? . . . Well it wasn't me . . . I don't think . . . ?

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Dead End I guess for sure Bolinas style . . . she's not talkin' about where they hid the sign?

The martini has become some silly glasses and a dusty shaker . . . however I did have a couple so far this year. Here is a stunning example of an art decco replica of a thirties style shaker and glass . . . or something like that . . . picture the perfect gin, picture the perfect garlic olive, picture perfect ice crystals, picture making the perfect fool of yourself and picture a perfect hang over . . . . remember don't drive when drinking I mean don't drink while you . . . or I'll have to take your keys man . . .

rancho bozo space ranch . . .

This could be the start of a page of botched pics that are given sci fi explanations for captions (that was awkward) . . . I'll show you what I mean . . . .

Remember the first Next Generation episode well what if those cosmic jelly fish started multiplying and then pumped out this light absorbing 'ink' . . . things get real dark in all sectors of the galaxy . . . Riker tries to look cool and . . .

The aux-bridge of the trans galaxy strarsloop jonBee has been evacuated for a simmulation in which two thirds of the ship's compliment is suddenly discovered missing . . . could it be a fluke or another side effect of the darkening of the galaxy?

Great-Great Grandpa may remember those quaint old fashioned public transporters of the mid twenty second century . . . yes there were a few "mishaps" at this stage of the technology . . . It's hard to believe that an early public transporter occupied as much space as a small department store.

Have you heard about the paradise planet TREMPOULON? There's all ways something happening in the sky with two suns and seven moons and a close orbit comet. What a wonderful palce to unwind and relax . . . cloud ski . . . or get lost sliding through the majestic jellied crystal caves . . . the double vortex sunsets are breath taking at noon . . .

Captain Sleg Werk a chronographagist for Klingon High Command is visiting California in the early the early 2000s. Certainly the details can not be disclosed . . . . some say Sleg is some where between the smooth and ridged Klingons . . . more than a family resemblence?

I was once consulting an advisor with well developed psychic sensitivity . . . I know you were probably expecting this call . . . I have this little problem but you probably already know what is . . . . Wow you can see that life line from here! Psychic or not here's an email of the Ages thanks again to MEM.

keeping the star trek theme . . . these guys played at 12 Galaxies . . .

Original Star Trek via CBS?

Capt. Wayne-O, Lt. Genna, Ens. Kaz

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