FIRE pit

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Cecil was an environmental artist at the original Rancho Bozo designing and building the legendary "Cecil's Stairs". Sitting next to Cecil is Steve an excellent musician. I really appreciate how you taught me some cool things on the piano back in '74 and '75 Steve.

view of the fire pit from atop 'Cecil's Stairs'

Suburbian Cowboy and Canadian Princess with Tyrone the wonder dog at the FIRE pit . . . rancho bozo was a campfire toasting the mellows and somemores, telling stories, and sharing new songs oh yes the occasional fire dance at the little pit would sure a mighty fire dwell. This pics going back to photoshop.

FIRE place

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Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Elkin Jr. in front
of the fireplace at Rancho Bozo del Norte,
New Years Eve welcoming 2005.
Not standard hippy atire
then what is standard hippy atire?

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