the molecule with something to say

Master Molecule

Rhyme & Beat by Master Wayne-O dawg E . . . .

Is there any more to say?
All of life reads DNA?

molecules carbon based
bumped around at least six days
blasted by ultra violet rays
earth spewed gasses
water vapor natural labor
began to rain
fireworks displays
lighting bolt jolt revolt
silent thunder to make
that goop amino acid
ancient soup far from placid

molecules that replicate
molecules that duplicate
molecules that propagate
molecules that populate
molecules that make a shell
around DNA and we got a cell
some cells eating hydrogen
some cells making oxygen
like the molecules joined together
some cells even stuck together
some cells making communities
some cells making colonies
different jobs in unity
different jobs in harmony
the colonies started moving
the colonies started grooving
the colonies passed the schism
the colonies an organism
some cells eating
cells competing
some cells living on sunlight
floating up where its so bright
all the time with DNA
the molecule with something to say
the molecule with information
instruction for construction
molecular determination
what the heck
cut the deck
make mistake
that mistake

with variation
a mutation
not the same
new game
chances are that mistake
won't help at all
might fall
pass on nothing at all
If that mutation survives
helps keep the organism alive
gets strong
before long
passes that trait along
on and on
with determination
on and on to the next generation
on and on to the next generation
it's environmental
it's essential
make a change it's differential
economy and necessity
harmony and diversity
on and on to the next generation
it's elemental
it's essential
it's environmental
make a change it's differential
it's the evolution revolution
can't stop the evolution
can't stop the revolution peace

Words and Beat by Wayne Elkin © 1992 * 2005

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