In the Begining of Rancho Bozo the Site

After a while I introduced myself to our next door neighbors. I was particularly fond of Grant and he took a liking to me. Grant asked if I'd like my own web site. I said sure and the next day I put this photo (taken right off the 'fridge door), the Suburbian Cowboy Songs tape (I made at Nick Hoffman's garage studio), and few notes of bio info in a plastic ziplock bag. I left the bag on Grant's front deck and took off for Santa Barbara to see my dad. When I got back I discovered I had a web site called With a little plotting, a lot of help (in the begining) from the Grantster of Cyberspace of GeeKieR Enterprises © and my nascent abilities in html began to grow and take shape. Things really took off after lil' Purple Pixie introduced and guided me through

Suburbian Cowboy Songs cassette, Beach House and Beer Photo and Note to Grant with bio info

Thank you PhotoBucket for years of beautiful free photo hosting. Thanks to all the major and minor search engines that have done a great job indexing this website. Thank the WEB for YouTube Vision ! Most of all thanks to the fifteen to twenty RanchoBozophiles (you know who you are)! Here's a little trip way back to June of 2004 to see in it's infancy via the WAYBACK Machine.

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