MAUI pics and captions

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The Isle of Maui kicked back and all most too comfortable naw never too comfortable . . . the royal palms lean to sea . . . . to launch the ocean going seed . . . a sturdy self contained ocean vessel . . . the green coconut . . . . with the destiny to vegitate the tropic paradises of planet earth . . .


There is an island that embodies the kicked back life style that slowed down a nation. It's relaxed and as casual as you want to be. The tourista activity booked daily by Uncle Bill kept us focused on having a good time on time. Genna Rater and Lil' Purple Pixie helmetted in red prepare for the long glide of their lifes. Hey girls make the cable sing as gravity does it's thing.

Genna flying through the trees with the greatest of ease.

Courtney flying through the trees, like there's nothing to it!

My daughters are lovely that's for sure. I am most impressed by their hearts and character. Spoken like a dad.

Well here's a great picture of the Genna Rater and Captain Wayne-O . . . how cute is that matching (kinda) Maui caps.

The Purple Pixie and the Wise One . . .

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