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Well I woke up one morning after a restless night aboard the Sloop jonBee.
Biked to
Two Dogs Cyber

to have a legendary tall boy of jitter juice named after a dog and up date [RAMBLINGS]. The front page of (in italics) refers to a "community connection with some other Californian Community" could it be Morro Bay? Sure it could be?

Morro Bay is a West Coast former fishing village that could have been Popeye's hometown. Such a cool relaxed place were all pretensions take a back seat to the kicked back jaw slacked at Happy Jacks. I spent time with my best friend (Captain of the jonBee)
and discussed the Morro Bay connection and his involvement if any with this site. I hope I get a chance to talk to Ed the owner of
Central Coast Music on my next visit to Morro Bay.

One of the Greatest little full service music store in the entire west coast. I had my '38 Dobro restrung and tweeked to perfection last fall. Central Coast lived up to it's "friendliest music store in the universe" slogan!

The dog boy and I took lots of pictures on that visit and conjured up some bozo like presentation of possibilities. Inspired by my talented wife's powerful photo-journalistic style I will attempt such a feature based on this promotional tour.

Thank you for the panoramic tour Samantha (note the shot of the rock). I hope to see your niece's coloring of the Suburbian Cowboy and his comet. Samantha teaches Kundalini Yoga classes in Cayucus, California. More about this later . . . . We definately have a WINNER! Thank you Ella! You did a super fabulous job coloring!

~~~~ Morro ~ Bay ~~~~

On the trails above the golf course looking to the south past the rookery and the sand bar beckons the Pacific Ocean.

An example of why California is a cool place to hang out . . .

Let this be the first of many Cool Californian Community Conections: Morro Bay the Big Rock volcanic fossil core on the shore of a warm golden coast about two hundred fifty miles south of Mill Valley (San Francisco Bay Area). Recalling my many visits to Morro Bay after it became good Captain Dog Boy's California Coastal port.

The Morro Bay Big Rock is so popular that many locals design "Big Rock" head gear and wear it proudly on weekends.

This is off another page located in the back lot of some other selected photos may further illustrate the Morro Bay connection. If you're interested in exploring is a sprawling ranch metaphor expressed on the web, kinda don'cha think?

The Rancho Bozo promotional tour took the artistic road, at least for a moment. In a calculated and self celebratory attempt at cyber cam art the Captain Wayne-O's mega shades as a reflection is captured in the frame of a Triumph's side veiw mirror. Look there's a cloud in the sky and the building's a stunning example of Topanga Modern. Besides the Grantster likes this picture . . . . non glare call it art . . .

In Morro Bay is moored the Sloop jonBee aka the Red Gypsy at the fuel dock , , , , bow down to the bay . . . be it gypsy red or jonbee . . . will it be . . . . high seas . . . for the captain and me . . . ?

Wayne's Words (a fishing blog)

Moro Bay on the dock

Posted By: Wayne Elkin Date: 8/15/03 11:50 a.m.

The 27ft sail boat Sloop Jon Bee set sail from the mouth of Moro Bay California under the jolly rodger - Captain Wally Dogboy at the helm his loyal first mate aka suburbian cowboy cleted the sheets and opened the beers. The seas were rough according to the cowboy t'was like lash'n the Jon Bee to one of them new jersey mechanical bulls tuned up all the way durring a power surge.

Photography by: Walter B. Langford © 2004

Martini a mature acquired taste for the terminally imature. Captain Wayne-O sez: well if that's the case make mine a saphire straight up wet the glass with Martini Rossi and shake it vigorously double olives, please . . . . I weathered the 'who in the heck do you think you are' look from the comely bartender . . . and enjoyed one of the best deep dish olive pies fresh from the shaker at Happy Jacks aka The Fuel Dock . . . CAUTION: any more than two martinis of this size after 10pm could result in a simply miserable next day

The good Captain Dog Boy proudly sporting his new skipper's hat from Two Neat remember Bob and his wacky down town Mill Valley shop. We discussed many important issues that weekend that may eventually seep into this web site. Did you know the Dog Boy plays guitar for a Russian Gypsy Dance Band? Well did you? He does! With a little luck you may hear a sample right here . . . well on a site next door . . . Indeed I am proud to link to three songs (Balalainkas ringing out) by the one and only Big Rock Balalainkas of Morro Bay! IN THE NEWS!

Our Dr. Dogboy with his dog Tucker . . . .

Best friends since high school. The Dogboy and I have shared many experiences over the miles together before and during original Rancho Bozo times to amazing road trips and beyond. I imagine there's a few new adventures in store. Well now it's Dr. Dogboy well Dr. Walter Bernard Langford, Psy. D. TOO COOL. Walt is a family therapist and on his way to becoming a licensed clinical psychologist. So if you need a cool and effective mental health professional (and who doesn't these days?) Dr. Langford is your man.

Day or night there is always something happening and someone to talk to at Two Dogs. It's an old timey coffee house with a little stage in the back . . . and you can even check your email too.

Ed's pink music store is Central Coast Music . . . Ed is a kind and generous man who wails on a guitar a recommended Music Retailster.

Morro Bay a cool Californian reflection

looking out to the sand bar some boats anchored in the harbor . . . the power stacks three in a row . . . stacks have actually helped slow Morro Bay from it's enevitable Santa-Barbara-fication . . . which fortunately is still years away . . . . to continue Morro Bay pics and captions # 2 . . .

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